Welcome back Students,

It appears the Rumour Mill has been working overtime. We would like to provide some answers that will clarify the many questions we’ve heard over last couple weeks.

Jim Bob Ray’s is NOT closing.

We spent the summer renovating in order to create an even better experience for all of you!

We have not only enjoyed, but have taken great pride in being part of so many of your great memories for over 20 years now and do not plan on stopping.

We are excited for this upcoming year.  Amazing changes are coming in the near future.

Doors will re-open This Friday August 29th – see you there!

PS – Want to beat the O-Week lines?    jbrsguest@gmail.com 

Jim Bob Ray’s has been one of London Ontario’s most outstanding venues for the past 15 years. It all began with a concept of throwing a log cabin into the city, setting up a couple bars and staffing it with friendly faces. Jim Bob Ray’s has always been a great venue and will continue to serve the city of London for many years to come.Community activities:
Being a part of a family of restaurants, Jim Bob Rays has always maintained a longstanding relationship with the London community. Hosting regular charity drives and providing a free venue for fundraising has always been something Jim Bob Rays has supported. If you would like more information on our activities in the community call 519-663-5665 or contact us at jbrhelps@gmail.com